Man to GOP Senator: Take My Health Care, I'll Die And Take You With Me

Meet the new fascists. Same as the old fascists.

A man illegally accessed Sen. Dean Heller’s Senate office to tape a note on his door. Why didn't he just send an email, a letter, or use the phone? You see, the new fascists like to intimidate anonymously. However, the jerk didn't realize there was a camera recording the whole incident. Though the police haven't released the entire contents of the note, the Nevada Independent reported a police officer said the man was upset at the possible GOP Obamacare repeal. The man said that he'd "lose his health care if the key senator voted for the repeal bill and that he would die if that happened and would take Heller with him."

That's pretty clear. The vote on the Obamacare repeal, which was supposed to happen early next week, has been delayed since Sen. John McCain is recovering from surgery for his brain cancer. This is probably the first time you are hearing about this murderous threat, right? That's because the mainstream media can't be bothered to report on actual threats of violence, when the threats are made against conservatives. Ed Morrissey at HotAir was exactly right when he pointed out the double standard:

It didn’t seem to make a lot of impact on the national media ... CNN’s Chris Cillizza reported on a barely veiled political threat to Heller from Donald Trump over his ObamaCare repeal position (which was certainly both newsworthy and amusing), but CNN still hasn’t reported on an actual threat to Heller.  Would such a threat against a senator who planned to vote to preserve ObamaCare have been similarly ignored? Or would it have gotten national coverage?

Here's the video surveillance showing the man roaming in the halls of the Senator's office. Apparently, it's open season on conservatives, and the media doesn't want you to know about it.