Maddow Shows Panda Video During Sit Down with Hillary Because That’s Way More Interesting

Can someone put the sneezing panda on a perpetual loop on MSNBC?

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was super excited her new-found popularity got her an exclusive back-patting session with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. But it didn’t take long for a video of a panda to prove to be the most interesting thing on the docket.

In the midst of a whine-fest about how Clinton faced insurmountable odds against a sexist, misogynist system, Maddow played an old, viral video of a baby panda sneezing and scaring its mother. Clinton laughed at the cuteness. But, of course, there was a point to it all and related back to her book, What Happened.

"In the book, you called it the ‘panda principle,’ which is why we were visited there by the sneezing panda,” Maddow said. She read the passage:

“What I ate, who did my hair and makeup, what my mornings were like. It may seem strange, but I get asked about these things constantly. Philippe Reines… who played Trump in our debate prep sessions, has my favorite explanation why. He calls it the ‘Panda Principle.’ Pandas just live their lives. They eat bamboo. They play with their kids. But for some reason, people love watching pandas, hoping for something — anything — to happen.”

See? Clinton is just a normal person who has to deal with questions Marco Rubio never had to deal with because he’s a man.

But the strange moment ended as the two rambled on about how sexism kept Clinton from the highest office in the land.

Yeah, that was it: sexism.