Linda Sarsour at Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally: Trump a 'Fascist' and ICE is the 'Gestapo'

“I’m tired of white men negotiating on the backs of people of color and communities like ours.”

Linda Sarsour, the darling of the multiculturalist left and arguably the most dangerous woman in America, was among a handful of speakers in Washington, D.C., Wednesday leading a so-called resistance against President Trump’s "white supremacy.”

Breitbart reports that United We Dream, the Women’s March, and other pro-amnesty groups pled with their supporters on a Facebook page to join their “broad coalition of leaders to march to the halls of Congress and stand with immigrant youth!”

“Immigrant youth, our families and our communities will not be held hostage by Trump’s racist policies. That’s why we need you to take action with us to protect immigrants and people of color against Trump’s racist attacks! #DreamActNow,” the Facebook page declared.

Inclement weather forced the event indoors, however. Among the "amazing speakers, who continue to lead the resistance & fight to protect our communities," were Sarsour and Carmen Perez, National Co-Chairs of Women’s March, and Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director & Co-Founder of United We Dream.

Check out Breitbart's video of the event here, where pro-Palestinian activist, sharia enthusiast, and anti-Semitic demagogue Linda Sarsour labeled President Trump a white supremacist and criticized Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as an unsuitable negotiator for immigration reform, because he's white.

“I’m tired of white men negotiating on the backs of people of color and communities like ours,” Sarsour said. “We are not bargaining chips. This is not a poker game. This is human lives, and communities and families who deserve to live in these United States of America."

Sarsour and other speakers demanded amnesty not only for the 800,000 illegal DACA "Dreamers" but for all of the estimated 11 million here illegally. “We are here for them all,” said Cristina Jimenez.

Sarsour ranted about Trump and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for actually enforcing immigration law, which is anathema to the Left.

“You have a fascist in the highest office of this land who is running ICE, which has always been a rogue agency. But now they’re acting like the Gestapo, bullying and picking people up in the middle of the night; dragging people away in front of schools, coming to the church.” Lies and demagoguery, all.

Sarsour went on, predictably, to smear the country that welcomed her as a legal immigrant, because no radical leftist leader is legitimate without a relentlessly anti-American posture.

“I also remember that I live in a country that was founded on the extermination of indigenous people,” said the woman who craves the extermination of Israel's indigenous people, and who seeks to replace the Constitution with sharia law.