Limbaugh: Drudge Didn't Ruin Lewinsky, The Left Did

“The bimbo eruption unit was there to destroy every Monica Lewinsky who surfaced no matter how or where.”

On his radio program Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh commented on Monica Lewinsky’s attempt Monday to blame Matt Drudge and the media for ruining her life by pointing to the real culprit: the Left, particularly the Clinton “bimbo eruption unit” which swept in to “destroy every Monica Lewinsky who surfaced.”

Limbaugh made the comments in response to a caller who said Lewinsky was blaming the wrong people, saying, “I would argue that the left ruined her life. They were trying to protect Bill Clinton, and she was the sacrificial animal for that. People on the right thought she was a victim of a predatory president.”

Rush agreed, saying, “That’s all true,” and then expanded on the point, explaining that the Clinton operatives, as usual, moved in to crush anything that threatened their leader:

Limbaugh:  The bimbo eruption unit was there to destroy every Monica Lewinsky who surfaced no matter how or where. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, the list goes on, Gennifer Flowers, it's an unending list. Well, it ends at some point, but we still don't know all the names that were possibly on it. 

But again, Kathy is right. It was Clinton's friends who aimed at Lewinsky. And, by the way, once the story comes out and it happened and Clinton denies it, here's Madeleine Albright leading a bunch of women working in the White House outside to a press conference, "We believe in Bill Clinton, and we think this woman is trash." Well, she didn't say those words, but that might as well be the implication. So you add to this she's gooey eyed in love, see, and these people are playing around with that. Mean people, folks, mean.

Later in the show, Limbaugh responded to another caller who said that Lewinsky had only herself to blame for destroying “the sanctity of marriage, the dignity of the presidency, and the respect of our country,” to which Limbaugh replied that, of course, she did have help:

Limbaugh:  That's pretty tough. She didn't do that single-handedly, you know.

Caller:  She did not. She did that with the help of the media and with the help of that party, and it --

Limbaugh:  Well, she did it with the help of Bill Clinton. … You can't leave him out of this equation.

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