Libs See Trump Speaking to Boy Scouts, Liken them to Hitler Youth

There's practically no difference in the eyes of libs.

Monday, President Donald Trump spoke at the Boy Scouts of America 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia which caused quite a stir amongst leftists who believe groups like the Scouts are too traditionally conservative.

"As the scout law says, a scout is trustworthy, loyal," Trump said. "We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that."  Even though he said he wasn't going to talk politics to the Scouts, he couldn't help himself.  He revisited his 2016 victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which he described as "an unbelievable tribute to you and all of the other millions and millions of people that came out and voted for Make America Great Again."

The Boy Scouts, in response, made sure that everyone knew they always extended an invitation to the sitting Presidents, regardless of party. However, it's true that no President has attended since George W. Bush. "By the way, just a question, did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?" Trump asked, which caused the audience to actually boo.
Of course, no event can be complete without liberal hysteria on social media. Monday's event was no different, as leftists compared the Boy Scouts to -- you guessed it -- Hitler Youth:
No wonder President Obama refused to attend a Boy Scout Jamboree, if his supporters are so dumb they can't tell the difference between patriotic Boy Scouts and Hitler Youth.  

Image Credit: By U.S. Navy photo by All Hands Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Todd Frontom [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

h/t CNN