LGBTQ Dance Party in Front of Ivanka’s House Protests Climate Change

They didn't realize Ivanka supports gay rights and environmental protection.

Modern leftists want nothing more than to pick up a sign and protest. Something. Anything. Since it's not 1968 anymore, they sometimes end up protesting in rather odd places. This was the case recently, when Teen Vogue drummed up a protest in D.C.:

If you're in the Washington D.C. area and you need some fun, LGBTQ-friendly, activist weekend plans, you're in luck. According to the Huffington Post, the LGBTQ community is coming together this weekend for a dance party that's doubling as a protest against Ivanka Trump. The shindig is set to go down right outside her D.C. house. The Huffington Post reports activists with WERK for Peace, 350 DC, the Queer Resistance, and the Trans Women of Color Collective have organized a protest dance party outside Ivanka Trump's house.
The protest is reportedly in response to President Trump's recent rollback of Obama-era climate protections, but organizers also told the Huffington Post it will send a clear message to Trump's daughter, Ivanka, that the LGBTQ community is watching her. “We can’t let Ivanka trick our communities into supporting and legitimizing her. We will show up to her home because the bad decisions of the Trump administration hit us in our daily lives, in our homes, and the nature we surround ourselves with,” co-organizer Carla Aronsohn told The Huffington Post.

The LGBTQ community is "watching her"?  That's a weird message to send by actually showing up at her home. But that's exactly what happened... First of all, gay rights has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. But secondly, Ivanka Trump actually supports gay rights and environmental protection.  

Nonetheless, the LGBTQ community showed up and danced the night away. Here's what the scene looked like:

However, not everyone thought this was a great idea. Teen Vogue's rival Cosmopolitan, for example, wrote this:

Please Don’t Dance at Ivanka’s House. Protests are important but showing up at someone's home is the wrong approach.

At least one magazine is expressing common sense here.

Photo Credit: Twitter