Lena Dunham: It’s Hard to Not Be a White Male in Hollywood

It's important to have a "conversation" about this "systemic racism."

Because Hollywood elitists couldn't prove to be more out of touch than they already are. Lena Dunham, star and creator of the popular HBO series Girls, is doling out her two cents yet again -- this time to tell the world how difficult it is to not be a white male in Hollywood. Because the wildly successful Dunham would know something about that. 

Responding to the recent push by fellow out-of-touch celebs to ban the Oscars for being "too white," Dunham explained that it's important to "have a conversation" about the "systemic racism" in Hollywood and said she's particularly pleased that this "conversation" is occurring so soon after the plight of women in tinseltown was exposed. 

How anyone privileged enough to earn a fortune doing what they love to do all the while adored by fans could complain about anything concerning their lot in life is beyond comprehension.

One wonders how truly unfortunate people across the globe, including people of color right here in the U.S., feel about the "problems" of these Hollywood celebrities. We can give you two guesses.