Lemon to Trump: Are Muslims a Problem?

"I don’t see the people who knocked down the World Trade Center going back to Sweden."

Last night Republican Presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump went on CNN with host Don Lemon, who predictably raised the issue of Trump's attitude toward Muslims - because the media are more interested in painting GOP candidates as "Islamophobes" and bigots than in addressing actual issues of importance to the American people.

Referring to a gentleman at a townhall meeting who questioned Trump about Muslims, Trump told Lemon,

"He said, 'Muslims are a problem.' OK? That's what he said. Are they a problem? You tell me. And I say it often, I don’t see the people who knocked down the World Trade Center going back to Sweden."

Trump went on for an inarticulate stretch before insisting,

"By the way, most Muslims - I know many - are great people, just so you put it on the record."

Lemon interjected, "Do you think Muslims are a problem?" Trump answered,

"Well, I think certain segments are certainly a problem. Unless you want to be so politically correct, where you want me to say, 'Oh, absolutely not!' I mean, you have ISIS. You have the migration. You have all this stuff. You have - you know, a lot of people think you can end up with World War III in the Middle East. I’ve heard that for 25 years. There’s something going on. When you see beheadings... I mean, beheadings? We haven't seen that since medieval times... There's something going on."

Trump went on to defend most Muslims as "phenomenal people" and to remind Lemon that he has good relationships with many of them.

H/t Gateway Pundit