Leftists Target Republican Trustee for Free Speech They Don’t Like

Free speech for me, but not for thee.

A Republican trustee in the Palos Township near Chicago, Illinois, is in the crosshairs of Islamic apologists who are seeking her resignation because of Facebook posts leftists have deemed anti-Muslim.

A rally was held on Monday against Trustee Sharon Brannigan by the group Southwest Suburban Activists who found her posts offensive even though they show a government official who wants everyone following the same laws.

Brannigan wrote, “What is Palos doing? Why are all our schools filling with Middle Eastern students without proper documentation?” Another post from 2015 criticized the Muslim community in Palos for “keeping themselves and their activities hidden.” Brannigan has deleted her Facebook accounts but said her only regret is “that they feel it was a slight.”

Leading the charge against the Republican trustee is Southwest Suburban Activists director Emily Biegel who said the group will continue protesting Brannigan until she resigns.

“It’s not that we’re attacking her right to free speech, but with free speech comes consequences,” Biegel said. “If you’ve been charged with representing your entire township, that includes the ones whose religion you have such disdain for.”

“Money will be withheld from the township,” Biegel threatened. “We will not be spending money in Palos Township. We will not be supporting things in Palos Township if Palos Township and their trustees stand for hate.”

Brannigan refuses to resign and released the following statement:

“All statements on my personal pages of social media reflect the observations I have had living in this district for 25 years and in the 3rd congressional district for 55 years. I believe that questioning our government is our responsibility even if the issues at hand are sensitive in nature.”

“I am not anti-Muslim,” Brannigan told CBS 2. “I am pro-community and pro-taxpayer.”

But she committed the ultimate sin of sharing her personal opinions and it didn’t match the Left’s accepted dialogue. Free speech for them, just not for the rest of us.

Photo credit: wiredforlego via Foter.com / CC BY-NC