Leftists Say Knives Aren’t as Deadly as Rifles, But More Are Killed by Them

Narrative busted.

In the wake of mass shootings, where inevitably the shooter has chosen a rifle with a high-capacity magazine, leftists start in with the “he wouldn’t have killed as many if he only had a knife” narrative. However, according to the FBI, knives are used in far more killings than rifles each year, and as The Daily Caller points out, “It’s not even close.”

“[R]ecent statistics from 2016 show that knives actually kill nearly five times as many people as rifles that year,” the report states.

In 2016, 1,604 people were killed with a bladed instrument, while rifles were only used in 374 murders. In 2013, the numbers were similar: 1,490 killed by knives, 285 by rifles.

Yet, the Left screams “ban assault rifles now!” These “military grade” weapons must look a lot scarier to Democrats. The dramatic looks of the weapon are equally matched by the dramatic rhetoric of the Left which demonizes this particular firearm above all others. Banal-looking handguns are much further down their lists even though deaths due to handguns are the highest of all. 

In 2016, handguns were used in 7,105 murders in the United States. Boy, that really spoils the narrative, now doesn’t it?