Leftists LOVE New German Mag Cover of Jihadi Trump

Der Stupid!

German magazine Der Spiegel has issued its latest anti-Trump cover (no, this isn’t the first) and leftists are gleefully celebrating through retweets.

Here's Dan Savage loving it:

From a Muslim author:

From an Atlantic writer:

A tech blogger:

A New York Times contributor:

A transgender activist:

LGBT/Atheist activist:

Morgan Spurlock, the "star" of that movie Super Size Me where he got fat eating only McDonald's:

And then this PERFECT rebuttle:

An executive assistant to a VIP and all-around Trump-hater can't wait for his beheading:

Of course, the irony is lost on everyone because Germany opened its borders to Muslim migrants which subsequently drove up violent crimes, sexual assaults, rapes, and terrorist attacks -- the exact thing the president is trying to keep from happening in America. Do these leftists want to trade places with Germany and have the jihadist's blade put to their necks?

Don't forget, though, a U.S. publication had already beaten them to it: