Leftist NYT Staffers ‘Embarrassed’ by Paper’s Diverse Opinion Section

“Many Times readers believe... that only one of the political parties is truly a full citizen of the reality-based community.”

Shocker: a report from Vanity Fair announced that a large part of the New York Times is made up of “passionate liberals and woke millennials.” Stop the presses!

Fox News reports that the magazine published a report by Joe Pompeo Monday which revealed that left-leaning journalists at the Times are “embarrassed” and concerned about the paper’s credibility because its op-ed section is reflecting -- horrors! -- some diversity of opinion.

Apparently the reporters are angry with opinion editor James Bennet because he has allowed “diversity of opinion” that doesn't fit “Timesian values.” Bennet has even had to conduct internal meetings to “quell brewing discontent,” Vanity Fair's Pompeo notes.

Some reporters are supposedly outraged that Bennet has added "conservative" voices like Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens to the staff. Pompeo wrote that “The newsroom feels embarrassed” and Bennet “appeared shaken” after being confronted by journalists during the Times' most recent meeting.

“The beef is primarily with the op-eds as opposed to the editorial page, which remains a champion of progressive values,” said Pompeo.

One example: columnist Bari Weiss, quoting the Broadway hit Hamilton, celebrated United States figure skater Mirai Nagasu's historic triple axel at the Winter Olympics by tweeting, “Immigrants: They get the job done.” This tweet upset many snowflakes at the Times because while Nagasu's parents are Japanese immigrants, she herself is an American.

A HuffPost reporter obtained a leaked internal Slack conversation which exposed Times staffers complaining about a lot of things at the Times, including that the paper has a diversity issue. The leak turned into a bit of a public relations crisis because, according to Pompeo, it exposed the anger of “passionate liberals and woke millennials who make up large swaths of the Times’s core constituency.”

Pompeo added that “many Times readers believe, with some justification, that only one of the political parties is truly a full citizen of the reality-based community,” and many of the paper's staffers apparently agree with them.


However, New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger actually told Pompeo he supports Bennet:

"We publish dozens and dozens of op-eds a week. Look at them as a whole and you'll see the breadth of voices there. Sure, Erik Prince wrote in our pages. You know who else has written in our pages? Bernie Sanders, and not just once. I hear the criticism, and we take this stuff seriously, but I do believe that when you look at everything as a whole, you see a section that's genuinely trying to wrestle with the ideas that are shaping America right now."

Dissension in the ranks -- not a good sign for the Gray Lady. Couldn't happen to a nicer paper.