Leftist Journo: 'The World Would Be Better if McCain Died in Vietnam'

The tweet was deleted, but the sentiment remains.

Early this week, journalists began showing their true colors when it comes to GOP Senator John McCain's recent cancer diagnosis. They characterized him as actually murderous because he was willing to take extreme measures to come back from surgery in order to cast a vote on the Obamacare repeal.

The Atlantic’s and CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein, for example tweeted this:

Then, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn tweeted this:

But the most horrific tweet from a "respected" journalist was this one by Sean T. Collins, a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and the New York Observer:

Wait, 167 people liked that in the short time it was up?  Though he deleted the tweet, someone took a screenshot to preserve it for posterity. It is very common to hear some complain about how then-candidate Donald Trump critiqued John McCain during the campaign. Notoriously, he said, "He is not a war hero... I like people that weren’t captured, okay?"  

But what's often overlooked is the constant drumbeat of horrific accusations and detestable characterizations of the Senator from journalists who are supposed to be unbiased. As Ed Driscoll noted over at Instapundit, "I’m so old, I can remember when the left pretended to condemn eliminationist rhetoric."