Left-Wing Activists Erect Statue of Jeff Sessions Just So They Can Remove It

“Jeff Sessions is a living monument to the Confederacy.”

A political extremist group installed a statue of Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wednesday in front of the Department of Justice solely for the purpose of bringing down that statue.

“Jeff Sessions is a living monument to the Confederacy,” Mijinte director Marisa Franco announced in a statement. To really hammer home that point, the mock statue stood on a base upon which was inscribed “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Living Monument of White Supremacy.”

Once positioned in front of the famed Washington, D.C., landmark, the statue was torn down to enthusiastic cheers. The activists seemed oblivious to the fact that tearing down a monument that didn't exist in the first place is a rather empty gesture.

“Today we stand together with the 800,000 young people who will lose their status as a result of DACA’s termination as well as the 11 million undocumented immigrants who have watched this president unleash his deportation force upon them with impunity,” Franco continued.

No mention of the fact that the left's beloved Barack Obama deported a record number of illegal aliens during his first term. In any case, President Trump has not yet "unleashed" a "deportation force," much less "with impunity." He does, however, believe in law and order, and that's terrifying to the left.

What is Mijinte's mission? Well, we're not sure. According to the group’s website, “If you are pro-Latinx, pro-Black, pro-woman, pro-queer, and pro-poor, you’re Mijente.” Sadly, the site mentions nothing about being pro-sense.