The Left Keeps Lying About Tax Reform

The Media is helping.

In case you missed AM Joy on MSNBC this morning, and I'm going to assume that you did, here's what happened: Romina Boccia of the Heritage Foundation discussed the new GOP tax plan and Austin Goolsbee, former chair on the council of economic advisors under President Obama, made things up with an assist from host Joy Reid. 

Reid came armed with things like a chart that showed millionaires would be raking in the benefits of this plan while poor people with sick children would be hung out to dry, a chart which Boccia said was "highly misleading, because it assumes that all of the tax changes that are set to expire will actually be allowed to expire. I don't think that's going to happen. Most likely, lawmakers will reverse those long before long before those will expire."

She also went after the idea that rolling back Obamacare is going to cost people money, despite Reid saying "it's going to cost 13 million people their healthcare." Boccia responded "Only if they choose not to buy overpriced Obamacare healthcare." When Reid realized that Boccia had her cornered while keeping her cool, she went to Goolsbee for backup. 

This was absolutely embarrassing to watch. They were trying so hard to make this tax plan something it wasn't. Kudos to Boccia for keeping her cool and coming back at them with, you know, facts. Is it any wonder nobody watches MSNBC?