Late-Night Hosts Avoid Mentioning Accused Sex Predator Harvey Weinstein

Well, that's odd... not!

News broke on Thursday that one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and an equally big Democrat donor, has been sexually aggressive toward women for decades. We were told Harvey Weinstein paid hush money to actresses to keep quiet about his carnal advances, asked Ashley Judd to watch him shower again and again, and that he made young, scared female assistants, after just a single day on the job, message him while he was naked. This would make any late-night host feel like a kid in a candy store with all of the fodder to drag this guy through the mud in their opening monologues. Yet, all of them — ALL of them — remained deafeningly quiet. 

That is not the way the comedic hosts treat Republicans when accusations of similar behavior are floated. The smell of hypocrisy was so thick, even the lefties over at The Daily Beast took notice:

“Experts say it’s unlikely that any self-respecting network will ever hire him.” – Jimmy Fallon

“I mean, it is nice to know that while liberals and conservatives disagree on a lot of things, the one thing they can see eye-to-eye on is that this guy is unf*ckable.” – Trevor Noah

“…the pervert on the bus.” – Seth Meyers

That’s how late-night’s television hosts addressed the sexual harassment allegations against Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, the sexual harassment allegations against Fox News chief Roger Ailes, and Donald Trump’s notorious Access Hollywood tape, respectively.

And, while the choir of liberal-leaning late-night hosts has gleefully teed off on accused sexual predators of the conservative persuasion, on Thursday night, they chose to steer clear of the sexual harassment/assault allegations against one of their own: Hollywood power liberal Harvey Weinstein.

Grabien News noted other jokes aimed at conservative figures, including Seth Meyers jabbing O’Reilly with comparisons to Bill Cosby. After O’Reilly said he was going to take a vacation soon after the allegations against him, Jimmy Kimmel hoped his destination was “hell.” It was non-stop across every network. But radio silence last night about Weinstein. 

Kimmel, who has turned his opening monologues of late into a screaming and crying political platform, uttered no word about the sick allegations. Seth Meyers was mum. Stephen Colbert, who loves launching joke missiles at this kind of stuff, joined the choir of silence. James Corden and Jimmy Fallon also didn’t touch it. The Daily Beast mentions that “Corden and Fallon have appeared in Weinstein films.” So, then, they’re protecting one of their own. How convenient.

The only one “brave” enough to even utter the name nearly synonymous with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah who inserted, “Look, Harvey Weinstein!” as a joke aimed at Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton who was recently labeled “sexist” for laughing at a female reporter for knowing football terminology.

“If late-night comedians are to continue to assume the role of moral arbiter, then they should be open to criticizing creeps on both sides of the political divide—including those in their industry,” The Daily Beast concluded. “Hopefully, they’ll do better on Friday—or in the near future.”

Grabien searched for “Weinstein” in its database of daily programming for Thursday and the name turned up only in news programs and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and that’s it:


The following meme has been going around this week and with late-night hosts dodging this bullet, it couldn’t be more timely: