Las Vegas Launches New Hockey Team With Tribute to Victims and First Responders

Don't you just love America (and hockey)?

Hockey is the best of sports. It just is. Everyone who is turning away in disgust from football should turn to the icy embrace of hockey, where nobody kneels during the national anthem (although one fist was raised), the players don't disappear for things like prison, you get to watch the best fights and, if you're very lucky, you'll see a good Kronwalling. Plus, they honor America. 

Players from other teams in the league had put together a video supporting Las Vegas shortly after the horrific shooting but, last night, it was the home team's turn. 

Las Vegas just got an NHL team this year, the Golden Knights, who had their first home game October 10th. Before the game, they honored the victims of the recent mass shooting in that city as well as the first responders. The 18-minute pregame ceremony began with first responders taking the ice one at a time, each accompanied by a member of the Golden Knights. When the visiting Arizona Coyotes took the ice, they stood with them as well.

At the 10 minute mark in the video, there is a beautiful moment in which everyone stands for 58 seconds (one second for each victim) while their names are projected onto the ice in remembrance. The entire stadium then sang the national anthem together, after which Golden Knight and longtime Vegas resident Deryk Engelland shared some heartfelt words. 

Engelland then scored a goal in the first period. 

After the game, he spoke again of his love for his hometown, saying of their tribute "it's the least we could do." 

Don't you just love America? And hockey?