Las Vegas Gunman Was in Chicago, May Have Targeted Lollapalooza

He requested a room with a view of the concert.

On Thursday, law enforcement officials told USA Today that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock booked hotel rooms in Chicago overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival in August. He booked one room at the Blackstone Hotel from August 1, two days before the festival opened, and another on August 3, with checkout dates on the day the festival ended on August 6, but did not stay there. “We are aware of the media reports and have been in communication with our federal partners,” the Chicago Police Department said in a statement. “As you saw earlier this week the city conducts extensive public safety planning and training around major events, in close coordination with our law enforcement partners, to ensure public safety."

CBS Chicago reported that Chicago Police are now looking into these reports as well. Lollapalooza drew 100,000 music fans each day for four days while music played on eight stages. Danny Legittino, a festival-goer, told CBS "It's something I'm definitely going to be scared about, you know? Because, before, you go to these and everybody's having fun, having a good time, and listening to music and then, suddenly, you hear about this and then it scares you." TMZ reports that Paddock requested a room with a view of the concert, and these rooms would give him a clear shot of festival-goers. Scary indeed. 

Why did he not go through with an attack? Was the security simply too tight at Lollapalloza? As Emily Zanotti at the Daily Wire points out, Paddock would have had to get his arsenal across several states even before facing that security. Was this a test run for Las Vegas? Either way, this was something he had been thinking about for months before the Las Vegas attack took place. 

Curiouser and curiouser.