LA Times Goes Soft on Manson: ‘Not So Utterly Different From Us’


It didn’t take long after Charles Manson died while in prison at the age of 83 for The Los Angeles Times to come out with the hottest of hot takes on the murderous cult leader’s life as just one of the guys:

David Ulin wrote in his piece:

Manson, though, was no devil but a human being, as his death makes clear. I don’t say that to soften or absolve him. But I don’t believe in demons; people are frightening enough. Indeed, to accept Manson as a person, to see him through the filter of his humanity, is to acknowledge what we resist: that he was perhaps not so utterly different from the rest of us.

Speak for yourself.

Later, The Times wanted to reflect on the criminal’s hobbies:

Reactions were as expected: