L.A. Mayor Thinks He’s ‘Overqualified’ for Presidency

Better stick to running your poverty-stricken city.

The Democratic mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, told NBC News that he has what it takes to be president of the United States. In fact, he believes he’s more talented than the man currently in the White House.

“Judging from what’s coming from this White House, I might be overqualified,” Garcetti said.

That’s pretty bold coming at a time when most of the country is booming thanks to Trump’s tax cuts and unemployment rate while he's running a city with a high rate of poverty in a state that has become the poverty capital of the U.S. Also, we’re not sure he paid himself a compliment. If Garcetti thinks Trump has lowered the standards of the Office down to absolute zero, then the dumbest person on the planet is overqualified too, right?

And there’s one more thing: isn’t it considered a cardinal sin by the Left when Trump brags on himself? How dare the mayor toot his own horn!

Garcetti’s history includes work as a college professor and a L.A. city councilman. He is currently in his second term as mayor of the nation’s second-largest city, as NBC News points out. Garcetti has hinted at running for president in 2020 but said he has “no idea” if he will go through with it. That’s not what’s important to him right now — nor is his city, apparently. 

“[H]is political energy is focused right now on helping elect other Democrats in this year’s midterm elections,” states the report.

Interesting, that’s the kind of laser-like focus we’ve come to expect from Democrat leaders. Just like Dick Durbin, who recently said his 24/7 priority is not American citizens but protecting illegal aliens, Garcetti is only interested in one thing: winning elections and staying in power.

Meanwhile, Trump is giving power back to the people.

Overqualified, ha!