Knife Attack in Paris Wounds Five

"Police have not yet commented on whether the attack was terror-related."

A suspect is in custody in Paris today after a knifing rampage near the Eurostar station at Gard du Nord left nearly half a dozen people wounded.

The incident began at 11 p.m. Paris time on Tuesday in the downmarket area around Rue Max Dormoy, in the city's 18th arrondissement, according to the UK Express.

The suspect, whom authorities have not described, allegedly attacked six people with a knife, sending five to the hospital for treatment to cuts described as non-life threatening. A sixth victim was reportedly protected from injury by thick clothing.

The suspect escaped on foot, but after a major manhunt involving the use of the city's surveillance CCTV cameras, he was arrested and held in police custody overnight. Officers said his clothes were covered in blood and he appeared drunk.

The Parisian police, who will begin an interrogation today, have not yet commented on whether the attack was terror-related.

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