Kimmel: ‘Unthinkable’ that Obama Controlled the Press

But he DID use them like marionettes.

On his Monday night program, Jimmy Kimmel said Steven Spielberg’s movie The Post would’ve been “unthinkable” under President Obama. But with Donald Trump in office and allegedly threatening freedom of the press, Kimmel said it isn’t “so unthinkable anymore.”

The movie stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, who was a guest on his show. She plays the late Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham who became known as the woman who defied President Richard Nixon, who  had forbade The New York Times to print the Pentagon Papers, and published them in her paper instead. Kimmel called the historic action “heroic,” to which Streep agreed. Kimmel added:

“It's funny because I feel like if this movie had come out two years ago, we would — our reaction would be, it's unthinkable that a newspaper wouldn't print this information because the president told them not to. But now it doesn't seem so unthinkable anymore.”

Yes, President Trump tells the press what to report. Is that why the coverage is 90% negative, Jimmy? 

Kimmel asked if the movie’s release was “a total coincidence” with Trump in office. Streep was careful with her answer but did say that Spielberg “felt the impetus to really get this out right away.” 

“He worked really fast,” Streep said. “I mean, we started shooting in May. We finished at the end of July. He had a cut two weeks later. Nobody makes a movie like that. Nobody. He’s just amazing.”

Newsbusters has the clip:


It's unthinkable that Kimmel is so willfully blind to see that Obama played the media like marionettes when he was in office. He didn't have to tell them what to report, or not to report, because they polished his turds every single day.