Kim Jong Un Boasts of Mini-Nuclear Warhead

Has ordered improvements in power and precision of arsenal.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is now boasting that he has a miniaturized nuclear warhead at his disposal that is capable of being mounted to a ballistic missile.

This claim comes, as TruthRevolt reported last week, after Kim issued yet another threat that his military forces have readied its nuclear arsenal as a "preemptive" measure and have been carrying out drills in preparation of an attack. 

Kim's announcement of the mini-nuke has been widely questioned, according to Reuters, and has not been verified. But the leader remains confident this is "a true nuclear deterrent," saying, "The nuclear warheads have been standardized to be fit for ballistic missiles by miniaturizing them."

North Korean state-run media added:

He stressed the importance of building ever more powerful, precision and miniaturized nuclear weapons and their delivery means.

Reuters notes that South Korea's defense ministry doubts that their northern neighbor has developed the miniature weapon or has successfully deployed a functioning intercontinental ballistic missile. The United States shares in that doubt and has previously questioned whether North Korea detonated a miniature H-bomb in January.

Nonetheless, things remain unstable in the region and Kim's insolence, unpredictability, and rhetoric are ramping up the tension.