Keith Olbermann Calls DeVos ‘Motherf***er’ After She Tweets Support for Hurricane Victims

What a gentleman. A completely unhinged gentleman.

Crazed leftist Keith Olbermann, who has somehow found a home at the gentleman’s magazine GQ, cussed out Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Twitter after she promised to help victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Instead of thinking that was a nice gesture, Olbermann screamed profanity at the woman, because, you know, that's what "gentlemen" do:

The Washington Free Beacon noted how Olbermann’s initial response to DeVos’s tweet only took him 1.5 hours, but his apology took two days. And even then, he didn’t take it seriously and even plugged his upcoming book in the process, which coincidentally also has the F-word in its title:

James Woods gets the final word: