Kamala Harris Compares Muslim Refugees to Jews Escaping Holocaust

"On #HolocaustMemorialDay, Trump restricted refugees from Muslim-majority countries."

Saturday was International Holocaust Memorial Day, and California Democrat Senator Kamala Harris chose that sobering occasion to suggest that there is some comparison between Jews escaping Nazi genocide and America accepting Muslim immigrants from terrorism-connected countries in the Middle East.

On Saturday, Harris tweeted, "On #HolocaustMemorialDay, Trump restricted refugees from Muslim-majority countries. Make no mistake — this is a Muslim ban."

Make no mistake -- this is a lie and pure leftist demagoguery. President Trump's "ban" is actually a temporary moratorium on a handful of terrorism-connected countries in the Middle East, countries that had been designated as such by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama. There was no leftist outrage then about Obama's "Muslim ban." The vast majority of the world's Muslims are not banned from traveling to the United States. Hence, no "Muslim ban."

Harris continued tweeting her open borders nonsense:


Just like millions of Muslim "refugees" are currently "contributing" to Europe and its economy? Yeah, that's worked out so well for Europe.

Then she added this kicker: "During the Holocaust, we failed to let refugees like Anne Frank into our country. We can’t let history repeat itself."

The point of Holocaust Memorial Day, which Harris is attempting to pervert, is to keep the memory of the Nazis' attempted genocide of Jews alive and to ensure that the Jewish people "never again" face extinction. Nowhere in the world are Muslims facing such a genocidal assault, much less from Jews and Christians, who are themselves the targets of genocide from Islamic supremacists. To exploit the memory of Anne Frank by comparing her to the masses of military-age men who have flooded into Europe and brought their rape culture, criminal behavior, and terrorism with them is appalling.

One sarcastic respondent got it right:

H/t Gateway Pundit