JROTC Students Protected Classmates in Parkland Shooting

"Ready to do what we had to do if someone came in the room."

When mass murderer Nikolas Cruz came to the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, and began slaughtering students, two Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) captains were able to use their training to protect their classmates.

Company commander Capt. Zackary Walls, 17, and Capt. Colton Haab, 17, told ABC News that they had finished formations for the afternoon when they heard Cruz shooting and were able to get students and teachers inside safely. 

They also thought quickly and protected the kids in their classroom with the Kevlar curtains they use for training:

"We made a wall in front of all the kids out of the Kevlar pads," Walls explained.

"I brought those curtains out because I knew exactly what they were made of," Haab said of the thick padded material. "As I'm building them I'm thinking I would never need this other than what we're going to do and after yesterday I'm glad we had them."

They also barricaded and sat by the door, ready to protect their fellow students. Wells said they were "ready to do what we had to do if someone came in the room."

That's courage and heroism. That's service and leadership. In the wake of the left's calls to eradicate the "toxic masculinity" they claim drove the shooter Cruz to kill 17 people in Parkland and wound 15 others, that's the kind of masculinity we need to encourage as an antidote to such threats.