Joy Reid: Republicans Created Conditions Leading to Shooting

Here we are again, condoning violence.

The peace-and-love crowd certainly has developed a bloodlust, hasn't it? 

Rather than take a moment to reflect upon her own role in whipping up the angry mobs, MSNBC host Joy Reid chose instead to double down on hateful rhetoric. The leftist even blamed Republicans for catalyzing Sunday's heinous attack on Rep. Steve Scalise and Congressional aides. NTK provides the clip and summary: 

She then highlighted the race and sexual orientation of one of the heroic police officers, who didn’t think twice about Scalise’s political affiliation before rushing to save his life.

Reid sent out her tweet as Scalise was fighting for his life in a hospital bed following the shooting.

Then, on her MSNBC show on Sunday morning, Reid turned on the targets of the attack, blaming Republicans for the conditions leading up to the shooting.

A GOP commentator on her show criticized both Republican and Democratic rhetoric in the wake of the attack, but Reid interjected, saying that only Republicans were to blame and Democratic rhetoric was justified.

Evan Siegfried, the GOP strategist, pointed out that Democrats had compared Republicans to the the Taliban and called them “evil” and “insensitive.”

“You don’t think it’s insensitive to cut Meals on Wheels?” Reid asked, not condemning other extreme Democratic rhetoric.

Reid argued that there is no moral “equivalency” between Republicans and Democrats, given GOP rhetoric.

“It does feel like you have people on the right, you have Republicans trying to sort of make themselves the victim. They seem to crave this idea of being the victims of hate,” she added.

“Why now are Republicans attempting to sort of make themselves the victims?” Reid asked, four days after a left-wing extremist attempted to murder GOP members of Congress.

So in other words, Joy, they got what was coming to them? Is there no limit to the depravity of the Left?