Joy Reid Lies About Clinton-Funded Dossier

“What should be obvious truths."

AM Joy's Joy Reid trumpeted misinformation again Wednesday with a tweet pushing blatant lies regarding the Hillary Clinton-funded Trump dossier.

The MSNBC host, not known for her accuracy to say the least, sent out a tweet propagating the “obvious truth” that the notorious dossier charging the Trump campaign with Russian collusion was commissioned by a Republican candidate. 



In reality — one of Joy’s least favorite things — The Washington Post revealed Tuesday that the dossier was in fact bankrolled by Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.  A Republican did indeed pay intelligence firm Fusion GPS at a point in the 2016 primaries; however, they ended that funding before ex-British agent Christopher Steele came on board to construct the dossier.

Reid has suffered a host of truth-challenged mishaps recently, including her insistence in August that Trump had hired minority actors to attend his Phoenix rally.  Stunningly, the inflammatory accusation was based solely on a random Craigslist ad offering employment to actors.  Additionally, in July, the left-wing pundit made an embarrassingly rife-with-error run at President Trump’s wives.  

The Post’s findings about the Trump-Russia dossier intensely spotlights the corruption and dirty politics of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.  Furthermore, the dishonest media’s attempt to ignore the facts or, in the case of Reid, lie about them does little to exonerate Clinton, while doing a great deal to incriminate the Left.