Jon Stewart Reveals Date of Last 'Daily Show'

Jon Stewart, pretend news anchor and host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, has announced the date of his last appearance on the lefty propaganda outfit.

Last night, he told the audience his last day for the show will air August 6, 2015, so mark your calendars.

Stewart recently disclosed that he was "not getting the same satisfaction" from doing the show and was not looking forward to covering another presidential election.

"It’s not like I thought the show wasn't working anymore, or that I didn't know how to do it. It was more, 'Yup, it's working. But I'm not getting the same satisfaction,' " he said. "These things are cyclical. You have moments of dissatisfaction, and then you come out of it, and it's OK. But the cycles become longer and maybe more entrenched, and that’s when you realize, 'OK, I'm on the back side of it now.' "

I hear you, Jon, we weren't looking forward to you covering another election either.