Jon Stewart: Let's Get Rid of Ted Cruz

On The Daily Show last night, comedian Jon Stewart played a game he called "Let's get rid of Ted Cruz."

He said that "Ted Cruz cannot live up to the extremely high standards set for a candidate by Ted Cruz." Stewart explained that Cruz had criticized president Obama for spending so much time fundraising, but pointed out that Cruz bailed on the Loretta Lynch confirmation attend a fundraiser.

Cruz had said he would vote "unambiguously no" on Lynch to which Stewart asked. "That's weird. How did Ted Cruz's unambiguously 'No' vote turn into unambiguously, no vote?" and then Stewart played a clip of a CNN report saying that Cruz was on his way to a fundraiser in Houston and missed the vote.

Stewart also picked on Cruz for saying that Obama is a "divider" and has "inflamed racial tensions" during his presidency but showed that Cruz also uses inflammatory rhetoric.  He played a clip of Cruz saying:

"When did Democrats abandon the bill of rights? The modern Democratic Party has become an extreme radical party.

They consider most of the country, flyover country. So extreme, so intolerant. Birkenstock-wearing, tree hugging, liberal fascism."

Stewart concluded by saying, "Remind me again how president Obama has failed us as a leader?"

Fortunately Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show, reportedly in August, so we don't have suffer his "comedy" and political commentary for much longer.