Jake Tapper Falsely Claimed He Grew Up in Poor Neighborhood to Appear Like Common Folk

Later backpedalled on Twitter.

When interviewing newly-appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, CNN’s Jake Tapper had a “me too” moment when Scaramucci said he grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood.

Tapper responded, “I grew up in a very similar neighborhood in Philadelphia.”

Except he didn’t. In fact, his upbringing was anything but working class, as MILO explained:

Tapper attended The Akiba Hebrew Academy in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, a private elite high school with extortionate tuition rates…

Tapper’s father was a graduate of Harvard Medical School who became a wealthy pediatrician.

His father also attended Dartmouth, which is another Ivy League school, where Tapper would eventually study.

As a way to get out ahead of the lie, Tapper took to Twitter to try and calm the storm, though, he only dug the hole deeper:

Someone asked about my saying I grew up in a neighborhood similar to @Scaramucci so wanted to expand on that. Mom and Dad moved to Philly when I was a couple months old. My mom still lives in the same house in Queen Village - right on the border with South Philly. There was subsidized government housing (Southwark) half a block away. When I was 8 my parents divorced and dad moved to suburbs in 1979 after he remarried. My parents had joint custody so I split time with them. My dad is a doctor so we were never wanting; plenty of working class people lived/live where my mom still lives. And indeed I talked to some of them when we covered the Dem convention in Philly last year!

It's bad when fake news becomes your own fake upbringing!

Jake Tapper is starting to sound more like Jerk Tapper: