J Street Attacks TruthRevolt Reporter Who Was Harassed By DNC Intern

Eyewitnesses Back Up Reporter's Account

As reported Sunday, Brandeis University student Talia Lepson, who is scheduled to intern for the Democratic National Committee and serves as J Street U Brandeis' vice president, verbally harassed fellow Brandeis student and TruthRevolt reporter Daniel Mael early Saturday morning. J Street followed up by attacking Mael on its national website, but witnesses have come forward to back up Mael's account of the incident. 

A top J Street leader at Brandeis University harassed a pro-Israel student activist early Saturday morning, calling the student a “shit bag” and telling him that “Jews hate you,” according to those who witnessed the incident.

Daniel Mael was walking to his dorm room on the university’s campus late Friday night when he encountered Talia Lepson, a J Street U Brandeis board member, who purportedly referred to Mael as a “shit bag” and angrily told him “Jews hate you.”

By Sunday evening the faux pro-Israel organization J Street attacked Mr. Mael on its national website:

It is another to conduct a campaign of personal intimidation and harassment, which is the pattern of behavior that Daniel Mael, a student blogger at Brandeis, has established in relating to J Street U student leaders.

In a new episode this weekend, a story was fabricated concerning one of the leaders of J Street U Brandeis. That student has now filed a report with the campus police over the incident that Mael invented and his ongoing pattern of harassment at Brandeis. The matter is now in the hands of campus police and we hope the authorities will take action to address our serious concerns.

In the meantime, we ask that others in the Jewish community and media - even those who don't agree with us politically - will distance themselves from this blogger and others with a history of conduct driven by malice and deceit.

Perhaps J Street should have checked out the facts before going forward with that post, as Algemeiner is reporting that witnesses are coming forward to back up Daniel Mael's account of the incident:

Moshe Yaghoubian, via Facebook on Sunday, confirmed Mael’s version of events: “I was with Daniel Mael on the Friday night when the incident occurred and I can verify that his account is 100% accurate.”

Student Elad Ohayon said, ”In all honestly, I’ve never heard a lie come out of either Moshe Yaghoubian or Daniel Mael mouths, not even as a joke. I could never imagine either one of them lying about something as serious as the incident that took place.”