Israeli Left-Wing Extremists Trying to Get Israel Banned From Olympics

Secretly-recorded videos are soon to be released.

Last week, Israel Channel 2 exposed “human rights” leaders for being culpable in the murders of Arabs looking to sell land to Jews. Since then, Ezra Nawi, the man who was captured on film and works with Rabbis for Human Rights and Breaking the Silence, has been arrested.

Today, Israeli media are reporting that additional secretly-recorded videos are soon to be released. Those videos are expected to expose leaders of the anti-Israeli army organization Breaking the Silence and former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Alon Liel working to attempt to get Israel banned from the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Media also indicate that they are trying to get the international soccer body FIFA to boycott Israel.

In the video, Liel talks about the boycotts of apartheid South Africa as a model that could be followed, and mentioned that South Africans could not participate in the Olympics. Liel’s wife Rachel is the New Israel Fund's Executive Director in Israel. The Ambassador is a member of two organizations to which the New Israel Fund grants large sums of money: Ir Amin, which works against Jewish interests in Jerusalem, and B’Tseleml.    

Liel was recently involved in getting Brazil to reject Dani Dayan as Israel's appointed ambassador because of Dayan's former role as part of the leadership of Judea and Samaria's Yesha Council. In 2012 Liel stated, “I cannot condemn the move to prevent goods made in the occupied Palestinian territory from being falsely classified as ‘Made in Israel.’ I support the South African government’s insistence on this distinction between Israel and its occupation.”

It’s clear that there are extreme leftist organizations funded and led by an American Jewish extremist organization, The New Israel Fund, that work to boycott Israel and harm Israel.