Israel Uncovers Iran-Backed Terror Cell

Islamist cell planned “to carry out terror attacks and collect intelligence for the Islamic Republic.”

Israeli security forces have busted an Iranian-backed terror cell. Israel’s domestic Shin Bet security service uncovered a Palestinian terrorist operation directed by Iranian handlers to carry out suicide bombings and shooting attacks against Israel. Three Palestinians have admitted volunteering for suicide missions aimed at Israeli targets, media reports suggest.

Since the early 1980s, the Islamic regime of Iran has been waging a terror campaign against Israel. Tehran-sponsored Hamas (pictured above) and Hezbollah terrorist groups have been carrying out terrorist operations targeting Israeli citizens for decades now. Iran’s theocratic and military leadership pursuing an aggressive nuclear and missile program have repeatedly threatened to wipe the Jewish State of the map.

Jerusalem-based newspaper Times of Israel revealed the details of the Israeli investigation:

The Shin Bet security service on Wednesday revealed it had uncovered an Iranian military intelligence operation in the West Bank that it said was planning to carry out terror attacks and collect intelligence for the Islamic Republic.

The three alleged members of the cell were arrested in November, and indictments were filed against them earlier this week in a military court, the Shin Bet said.

According to the security service, the cell had operated in the West Bank, specifically the Hebron area, for over two years. The Shin Bet would not say when its investigation into their activities began.

The Shin Bet’s announcement about the alleged Iranian spy ring came amid a spate of allegations by Israeli security forces and politicians against Tehran and its support for Palestinian terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The financial windfall from the Obama-Kerry Nuclear Deal has been used by the Iranian regime to strengthen and expand its international terrorist network.

Tehran has increased funding for the Lebanon-based Shia terrorist outfit Hezbollah. In August, Iran also resumed payments to the Gaza-based Sunni terror group Hamas. Tehran and Hamas, old partners in crime, were at odds with each other due to their conflicting interests in the Syrian Civil War.

Hezbollah was a creation of Iranian operatives in mid-1980s to wage war against Israel. Unable to confront Israel head-on militarily, Iran has been using Hezbollah to carry out terrorist operations against Israel.

While Iran spends billions to retain the title of world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, its citizens continue to suffer economic hardship. The latest wave of protests raging across Iran once again reveal the depravity of the Islamic regime.