With ISIS Out of the Way, Iraqi Christians Celebrate First Christmas in Four Years

A miracle on Mosul's streets.

Twitchy compiled some great footage from Twitter of Iraqi Christians celebrating their first Christmas in four years now that ISIS has been pushed out of Mosul and Baghdad.



President Trump’s Special Envoy for Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Brett McGurk, wrote on Twitter:

Something #ISIS never wanted to see: #ChristmasEve mass in #Baghdad and #Mosul this evening. Wishing all of our @coalition partners of every faith a joyous holiday season and a more peaceful 2018.

Someone responded to McGurk’s tweet with thanks:



Fox News reported:



The Telegraph posted a video:



Imagine the peace to sit in church without worry that an Islamic suicide bomber is waiting outside:



The news media wasn't all over this incredible story, nor were they when victory was declared over ISIS. They barely noticed -- because a Republican is in the White House.