Ingraham: Winning The Senate With Racism

"The racists are coming, the racists are coming!"

Substituting for Bill O'Reilly during his vacation, Laura Ingraham warned that the Democratic Party's midterm election strategy depended on the race card.

"The Democrats apparently have a new strategy for spiking turnout this November -- tell black voters that the racists are coming, the racists are coming!" she said. "Democrats have scrambled to find some edge in the upcoming mid-terms. And the use of force in Ferguson is just what they've been looking for."

Laura Ingraham said that while Obama had failed black voters, the only lever of enthusiasm that he had after the death of hope and change was hate.

"Black unemployment is about double that of whites; cheap illegal labor has hurt job prospects and wages. Even race relations are worse after five years of President Obama. But rather than change policy course to turn things around and actually improve people's lives, the Democrats go back to the politics of division," Laura Ingraham said.

The Ferguson election strategy depends on stoking racist paranoia in the black community about white people.

"If you don't go to the polls to vote Democrat in November, your son could very well be the next Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin."

Lauran Ingraham said that while the Ferguson strategy might turn out black voters, it wouldn't do anything for them.

"Democrats may spike turnout with this rank, race-baiting strategy, but this won't create a single job in the inner city, or keep a single African-American male out of prison. But if Obama can save a Senate seat or two in the process, then that's all that matters, right?"