Illegal Immigration Already Down Since Trump Took Office, And That’s Without a Wall

That’s why they call it MAGA.

Since Inauguration Day, illegal immigration across the southern border is down over 60% and the wall hasn’t even been built yet, The Washington Times reports.

President Trump credited Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly for the “record reductions”:

“Down 61 percent since inauguration. Gen. Kelly is doing a fantastic job.”

However, a former chief at border patrol, David V. Aguilar, said the number is likely higher — more like 67% — and praises the president for giving ICE agents his blessing to do their jobs.

“This administration has said we’re going to address illegal immigration,” Aguilar said. “ICE has started working in the interior, unlike other times. So that message resonates.”

If this tightening of security is reducing crossings at this rate, imagine when the border is sealed up tight.

“Ask the Border Patrol agents in the field — they know,” another former Border Patrol chief, Ronald Colburn, said. “When I ask them about the fence, every one of them responds yes, build new barriers where needed.”

Colburn said not only does it make America safer, it does the same for Mexico. The Times reports:

Mr. Colburn, who headed the Border Patrol’s Yuma sector in southwestern Arizona and southeastern California, recounted the differences before and after barriers were built along the sector’s 125-mile border with Mexico. Before, he said, agents arrested 138,000 illegal immigrants, recorded more than 2,700 attempts to barrel across the border in vehicles and seized nearly 36,000 pounds of drugs.

The year after the fence was completed, more agents were deployed and technology was added, they saw just six vehicle attempts — all of which were stopped. The number of apprehensions dropped to about 8,400.

He said the barriers also made communities in Mexico safer. Before the fence was built, bandits roamed freely, preying on the migrants, often in collusion with human smugglers. Robberies, beatings, rapes and killings were common.

Mr. Colburn said his agents recorded 200 attacks, with 1,800 victims, the year before the fence. That number dropped to zero after the fence.

The number of assaults on Border Patrol agents also declined drastically, he said.

Yet, Democrats still think this is a bad idea. Probably because they need votes so badly.