If Anyone has Ties to Russia, It's John Podesta, Says 'Clinton Cash' Author

Will the mainstream media pursue this lead?

The media and the Democratic Party are really going after President Trump for alleged ties to Russia. But if anyone has probable ties to Vladimir Putin, it’s former Hillary Clinton campaign advisor John Podesta.

Clinton Cash author and Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer recently appeared on Fox News and alleged that Podesta’s ties to the Russian government are valued in the millions.

In 2011, Podesta joined the board of Joule Energy Company based in Massachusetts, Schweizer claimed. Two months later, a Kremlin-funded company, Rusnano, sank a billion rubles ($35 million) into Podesta’s company. Rusnano was considered “Putin’s child,” according to Schweizer. All the while, Podesta is an advisor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

It is possible that Podesta violated federal law by not disclosing this relationship when he came on board as special counselor to President Obama. When he presented his financial disclosures for the job, he failed to note the 75,000 shares of stock he owns in Joule Energy which, again, is funded by the Russian government.

“He also fails to disclose that he is on one of the three corporate boards that this entity has. It’s got this very complex ownership structure,” Schweizer added. “He discloses he is on the company in Massachusetts, that he is on the board of a company in the Netherlands, but he fails to disclose that he is also on the executive order of the holding company.”

Schweizer went on to say that so far, no proof such as this has been found on anyone in Trump’s administration.