Hollywood Hypocrite Matt Damon Decides We Should Finally Discuss Racism

“There needs to be a reckoning."

Outspoken leftist millionaire Matt Damon has a message for the world:  “There needs to be a reckoning—a true one,” regarding racism in America.  At an LA screening for his new movie Suburbicon, the actor known for trumpeting public education while refusing to send his children to public school, told The AP:

“We’ve never really reckoned with the issue of race in this country. We just haven’t.  It’s almost like the Civil War ended and kind of like the child in a divorce—like, you know, a conflict-averse child.  ‘Okay, okay, it’s over, let’s not talk about that ever again.’  And that’s obviously not what needed to happen.”

Where has this man been?  We’ve never talked about race?  When have we ever stopped talking about race?

Still, according to Damon:

“There needs to be a reckoning...And that’s how we’ll make progress, and move forward.”

Someone should give the Bourne Identity star a history book, with the Civil Rights Movement bookmarked; maybe he's had no time to read due to his busy schedule of pretending in front of the camera, as in his new film, which takes place in the 1950’s and addresses issues of race and violence.  The movie is essentially a tale of white privilege.  Damon is obviously emboldened by the virtue of such a probe, perceiving it to lend credibility to his noble comments.  However, he seems to have forgotten that in the real world, he’s a white man worth $160 million.  He is white privilege.

Nevertheless, this is Hollywood; hypocrisy is perfectly permissible.  The Left is full of it:  Al Gore preaches energy reduction while spending $2,500 a month on electricity; Michael Moore is a multimillionaire capitalist business owner who rails against capitalism; why can’t Damon speak out against his very existence, too?  

Despite its lofty anti-racist self-importance, Suburbicon has been criticized for “tokenism” with regard to its black characters; however, director George Clooney found a simple way of addressing this charge in USA Today — deflection via criticism of the President:

“I would be horrified if 10 years from now, [people] didn’t know where I stood on Breitbart or Trump.  I would be horrified if they didn’t say I stood up against these people.”  

In the past, Clooney has stood up against Trump by calling him a “Hollywood elitist.”  Meanwhile, Hollywood Clooney is the son of television host Nick Clooney, nephew of singer and actress Rosemary Clooney, cousin of late actor Miguel Ferrar, and nephew of singer and TV presenter Debbie Clooney; he's currently worth $500 million.

Perhaps the world's biggest hypocrites aren't the people who should be telling us what the world needs.