Hollywood (and Beyond) Harassment Roundup: February 2

USA Gymnastics and Quick Hits

It's Groundhog Day (which makes sense because you'll be seeing a lot of familiar names in this roundup)! 

USA Gymnastics

The father of three of ex-USA Gymnastic's Larry Nassar's victims tried to attack him in court today. Dad of the year? Probably. The judge says there is "no way" she will punish the father for doing so. 
Meridien Township Michigan has apologized to Brianne Randall-Gay who reported Nassar's abuse to the police in 2004. They said they were "deceived and manipulated" by the doctor and did not believe the victim. 

Quick Takes

Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein is disputing actress Rose McGowan's claims.
Rose McGowan is very much not a fan of #MeToo actress Alyssa Milano. 
Supermodel Kate Upton has accused Guess brand's Paul Marciano of sexual wrongdoing. It's unclear if she means she was the victim, or simply knows of misbehavior. 
People are writing dramatic think pieces about trying to separate director Woody Allen from his art. 
Comedienne Amy Schumer says she was "flat-out raped."