Hollywood (and Beyond) Harassment: January 26

USA Gymnastics, Casey Affleck, Weinstein, and more

Here we go again!

USA Gymnastics
Today's cover of the Detroit Free Press listed all 155 of the women who spoke out against disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar. 
Buzzfeed gathered a list of the most powerful quotes from the women who spoke out against Nassar. 
Despite some trustees saying she wouldn't, Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, President of Michigan State University, has resigned her position. 
Speaking of resignations, the Olympic Committee has given the entire board of USA Gymnastics 6 days to resign or they will lose their status as a sports governing body. 

Casey Affleck
Actor Casey Affleck, who was expected to present the Oscar for Best Actress, will no longer be attending the Academy Awards at all. Traditionally, the winner of the Best Actor award presents Best Actress the following year, and Casey Affleck took that award home last year. However, after two lawsuits for sexual harassment, his presence in the year of #MeToo is even less welcome than it was last year, which was controversial enough. In a statement, the academy said "We appreciate the decision to keep the focus on the show and on the great work this year." 

Harvey Weinstein
Producer Harvey Weinstein's former assistant has sued him and his former company alleging "endless offensive, degrading, and sexually harassing" behavior. This includes cleaning up after his sexual encounters (removing semen from the couch and disposing of condoms), daily touching, lewd comments, calling her names for the female anatomy, and commenting on her clothing when she began to dress more conservatively. 

Russell Simmons
The music mogul has been sued for $5 million in a new rape lawsuit. It's not the first accusation.

David Copperfield
Magician David Copperfield is asking the public not to rush to judgment after being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a minor in 1988. He was accused of sexual assault in the past, an accusation that was proven false. 

Pat Meehan
The Republican Representative who settled a sexual harassment accusation with taxpayer money will not be seeking reelection