Hollywood (and Beyond) Harassment: January 19

Woody Allen, Larry Nassar, Michael Douglas, and quick takes

A whole lot of links on just a couple of people.

Woody Allen

Years ago, filmmaker Woody Allen's daughter, Dylan Farrow, accused her father of molesting her as a child. With the #MeToo movement, that story is back in the news. 

Dylan is speaking out again about the molestation she allegedly faced at her father's hands as a child. She appeared on television for the first time last week to discuss the experience. Allen responded by saying he is innocent, and that an investigation at the time came to the same conclusions. Farrow told Larry King that he is "lying."

Meanwhile, Colin Firth has joined the list of  actors who say they would not work with him again if given the opportunity.

Larry Nassar

Former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was convicted of sexual abuse and child pornography charges. The trial is now in the victim statement phase, and it is terrible. In fact, the judge says sentencing may not happen until Tuesday, as 120 victims want to speak.

Jordyn Weber says "nobody was protecting us."

Victim Kyle Stephens said "little girls don't stay little forever. They grow into strong women who return to destroy your world."

Thomas Brennan, a coach who sent multiple athletes to Nassar said The guilt I feel for that is hard to fathom,” and yelled at Nassar to look at his victims.

Gymnast McKayla Moroney had signed a nondisclosure agreement that included a $100,000 fine for discussing the details of her abuse in a victim statement. Supermodel Chrissie Teigen offered to pay the fine personally to allow Moroney to speak out, but USA Gymnastics has issued a statement saying, "USA Gymnastics has not sought and will not seek any money from McKayla Maroney for her brave statements" regarding Nassar. 

In her statement, she said, "I thought I was going to die."

USA Gymnastics has also announced that they will be breaking ties with the Karolyi Ranch, the training center led by the legendary coach Bela Karolyi and his wife, Marta. They have been accused of turning a blind eye to Nassar's sexual abuse, as well as perpetrating emotional and verbal abuse. Former Olympians who had trained at that ranch were pretty excited by the news:

The Michigan State University board of trustees has asked Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette to investigate the university's handling of "events surrounding the Larry Nassar matter." Nassar also worked at the university.

Michael Douglas

A former employee has accused actor Michael Douglas of sexual harassment taking place in the 1980s. The alleged harassment includes openly discussing extramarital affairs, commenting on her body, and masturbating in front of her. Douglas says "This is a complete lie, fabrication, no truth in it whatsoever."

Quick Takes

Brigitte Bardot calls actresses alleging sexual harassment "hypocritical."
Did the Screen Actors' Guild turn a blind eye to sexual harassment? Probably.
Sexual abuse in the yoga community??
Sexual abuse case against the Mormon Church begins in West Virginia.