Hillel At UCLA Takes Credit For Publicity Of The Rachel Beyda Incident

Hillel at UCLA released a statement taking credit for publicizing a recent anti-Semitic incident involving UCLA’s student government, as well as protecting Jewish students on campus “before the fact.”

Hillel and the Jewish community at UCLA have been in the national news over the past five days after the New York Times picked up a story we shared with you several weeks ago about a student being asked whether or not the fact that she was Jewish would conflict with her nomination to the Judicial Board. It was the most emailed story on NYT on Friday.

Since then, the major news organizations like the LA Times and The Today Show have also picked up the story.

As always, Hillel at UCLA was there with the students before the fact, when it happened, and we've been working in conjunction with student leaders and the UCLA administration ever since. While we are not at liberty to share the content of numerous positive conversations geared towards action, we are pleased to report that the administration has been, and continues to be, very proactive. 

The same USAC-selected student leaders who had attempted to reject Rachel Beyda from the judicial board for being Jewish: Manjot Singh, Fabienne Roth, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, and Sofia Moreno Haq, are influential Students for Justice in Palestine members actively involved in passing the anti-Semitic BDS resolution at UCLA.

Hillel at UCLA claims to be “proactive” against the anti-Semetism displayed by these students. Hillel at UCLA refuses, however, to recognize SJP as anti-Semitic. In fact, after posters appeared on the UCLA campus about two weeks ago accusing SJP of anti-Semitism, Hillel at UCLA acted swiftly to remove and condemn the posters in the Daily Bruin:

We would like to condemn the posters which were posted on campus this weekend labeling members of Students for Justice in Palestine as “Jew Haters.” While we have in the past condemned speakers sponsored by SJP for their anti-Semitic rhetoric and believe the inappropriate singling out of Israel to be discriminatory, we wholeheartedly condemn these actions and the malicious intent behind them. This sort of hostility and offensive language have no place on a university campus, especially one as diverse as UCLA.

As soon as we became aware that these posters had been put up, we immediately contacted university police, reached out to SJP to express our dismay and support and even sent volunteers to take them down.

While we do not know the perpetrators who created and distributed these flyers, we are firm in our stance that there is no room for these actions or this language on our campus.

We look forward to working with groups from across the UCLA community to address, condemn and prevent such incidents in the future.

Moreover, Hillel at UCLA reportedly united with SJP at UCLA at an SJP-run town hall on February 26, “Confronting Islamophobic and Anti-Palestinian Hate Speech.” Hillel at UCLA continuously shows support for the pro-Hamas organization SJP at UCLA while maintaining that it combats anti-Semitism.