Hillary Spreads Fake News: Endorses Erroneous Attack On FBI

“Retweet if you agree."

On Thursday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supported an inaccurate attack on the FBI based on the notion that the agency is politically biased.

Along with some well-known supporters, the former First Lady shared a tweet by Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe, who has a history of furthering conspiracy theories about Donald J. Trump. According to Tribe, the FBI was inordinately hard on Clinton -- much harder than on Trump, in fact -- during the 2016 race for the Oval Office.

Tribe claimed then-Director James Comey should have kept private the fact that the FBI investigation into Hillary's email server was temporarily reopened nearing the election. By contrast, Tribe noted, Comey kept hidden a similar investigation into Trump in the midst of the race. The problem with Tribe's assertion was that it was completely baseless: in fact, according to Comey himself during testimony, Trump was never under FBI investigation.


Tribe tweeted:

“Retweet if you agree it’s totally crazy to suggest that the FBI — having helped sink Hillary’s campaign by revealing that she was under investigation while concealing that Trump was being investigated — has secretly been anti-Trump all along."

To quote The Donald:

As with much of the Left's fake news, Tribe's false claim was retweeted tens of thousands of times. Way to go, Laurence.

Curiously, Clinton and her followers' attack on the FBI bears much similarity to Trump and his supporters' criticism of those investigating his campaign as it relates to Russia. However, Trump's contentions have the benefit of being based on fact. Furthermore, Mueller's team's anti-Trump texts reveal a pattern of bias against the President.

For all the Left's protest over "fake news," it sure has generated quite a bit itself:

"Hands up, don't shoot."

"Donald Trump made fun of a disabled reporter."

"Trump admitted to sexual assault."

"GOP tax reform doesn't help the middle class."

To be continued. And continued.

Photo by DonkeyHotey on Foter.com / CC BY