Hillary: I've Been as Transparent as Possible

"It is like a drip, drip, drip."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told NBC's Chuck Todd that she has been as transparent as possible about her use of a home-brewed email server to conduct state department business.

“It is like a drip, drip, drip,” she told NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday. “And that’s why I said, there’s only so much that I can control.”

Clinton said she used a home email server for convenience. “I did it for convenience and it turned out not to be that at all,” she said.

Todd asked Hillary if she could see how it would be a problem if all the government agency heads used private email because there would be a lot of information that was not in the public.

"Do you see that now as a problem as far as the public is concerned?" asked Todd.

Responded Clinton: "First of all, as I have said very often, all of the emails that I sent were intended to be in the government systems if they were work related. That's why I sent them to people at their work addresses. And, you know, the vast majority of them ended up there."

When Todd explained to Clinton it would have been much easier if she had used a government server for purposes of archiving as opposed to searching everyone else's emails to see if they had received correspondence from the former secretary of state, Clinton replied:

Well, but when you communicate with people in other parts of the government, you're not sending it to TheStateDepartment.gov. And that would've been true either way. Look, I think I have done all that I can to, you know, take responsibility, to be as transparent as possible in turning over 55,000 pages, in turning over my server, and to, you know, testify on October 22nd, which I've been asking to do before the Congress.

Clinton also said it was "totally ridiculous" that she used a private server because "Republicans have been coming after you for years."

It's totally ridiculous. That never crossed my mind. And in fact, since more than 90% of my work-related emails were on the system, they are subject to FOIA or any other request. That's how the Benghazi committee got the emails even before we, you know, went through our exhaustive process.

And then she went on to reference the 1990s when she was "on the receiving end" of right-wing accusations. "Now I have, as you're rightly pointing out, been involved from the receiving side in a lot of these accusations. In fact, as you might remember during the '90s, there were a bunch of them. And, you know, all of them turned out to be not true. That was the outcome."