Don Lemon's Amazing Interview With Organizer of Protest That Shut Down Hillary's Speech

On Friday night, CNN's Don Lemon interviewed one of the organizers of the protest that disrupted Hillary Clinton's speech at an event called "African Americans for Hillary." During the interview, Lemon pretty clearly disagreed with the group's activism and suggested that maybe they should listen to older, wiser people who know what's best, including Hillary herself. Lemon's comment prompted a classic burn from the event organizer Avery Jackson:

LEMON: If she's not even five minutes into her speech and you come in, wouldn't you say, hey listen, give me a chance, and then if you don't like what I have to say, then you can yell at me. You can do all the yelling you want.

JACKSON: I think we've listened to Hillary talk for quite a while.


Lemon was definitely expressing his disdain throughout the interview, including correcting Jackson early on for not calling John Lewis "Congressman Lewis." Lemon basically made the argument that Hillary is doing what is best for black people, so shouldn't the Black Lives Matter people be quiet and listen?

That surely will not go over well with the movement. Lemon has already been in their crosshairs, and this will definitely not remedy that.

The entire video is worth watching. As TruthRevolt noted earlier, it is remarkable to see the way the Democrat party's special interest groups continue to attack each other - especially in light of the media frenzy over a Republican "civil war" as they settled on a new Speaker of the House.