Chuck Todd Surprised by 'Ham-Handed' Jab From Clinton Campaign After Interview

Hillary suddenly became miffed after she was all smiles on NBC.

Chuck Todd was taken aback after his interview with Hillary Clinton on Sunday's Meet the Press when suddenly and simultaneously, her campaign and supporting super PAC sent out identical messages on Twitter asking the media to "move on" from any more e-mail questions.

On Monday's Morning Joe on MSNBC, a frustrated Todd spoke about his interview with Clinton, mentioning that during his 30 minutes with the Democratic candidate, half of the time was spent talking about the e-mails and Clinton happily obliged. The "tone" he said was one of, "Okay, I will answer every single question." The takeaway from just about everyone: she didn't seem too annoyed.

However, shortly after the interviews' airing, that changed. Clinton's senior adviser Karen Finney and pro-Clinton super PAC director Brad Woodhouse posted the exact message minutes apart -- a likely illegal move as it appears both entities colluded on the matter:





In its report, Mediate showed several other tweets from supporters that basically said the same thing, a fact that was brought up on Morning Joe. Todd said he had also seen the barrage of critical tweets calling them "a little ham-handed," seeing as he believed the interview went swimmingly. The NBC host also notice how it seemed they were exactly the same:

It’s clear somebody cut and pasted from the email, from whatever email.

Mediate has the clip.