Hey, Whiny College Kids! This Marine Marched for Tuition, Too

25 miles to be exact.

It has long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say if it's a picture of a Marine, it's worth even more.

And so it is with Marine veteran James Erickson who, in one tweet yesterday, completely shamed the free-loading college students who want to pay nothing for their education. Before they had the freedom to hashtag their #MillionStudentMarch from the comfort of their climate-controlled dorm rooms as they sat on a comfy blanket made by their mommies, Erickson hefted a 50-pound pack on his Marine lats and marched 25 miles to earn his tuition. He posted this pic of that very moment:



Well played, Erickson. Semper fi, and thank you for your service and willingness to offer some perspective to these helpless millennials. You win the Internet this week. Ooh-rah!