He Will Not Divide Us? Shia's Anti-Trump Exhibit Shut Down Due to Violence

"The Museum Has Abandoned Us."

After less than one month of operation, actor Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump art exhibit featuring people shouting "He Will Not Divide Us" into an unbroken livestream has now been shut down due to violence.

Accordong to TMZ, the Museum of the Moving Image has now removed the exhibit since it became a staging area for political violence, resulting in arrests. ​

"The stunt led people to come out to pose in front of the camera at all hours, with many chanting, singing, dancing and protesting," Breitbart described the exhibit. 

The coup de grace of this violence, of course, came from Shia himself when police escorted him away from the site for allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a heckler. The livestream captured his arrest, and featured his supporters shouting down the cops as "Nazis."

Shia had already been caught on video shouting down an alt-right troll and knocking pro-Trump supporters' signs away. 

The livestream has now gone dark with the message: "The Museum Has Abandoned Us."