Harvard University Hosts 'Sex Week' Mocking Christians and Conservatives

Classes include "What What in the Butt: Anal 101"

It costs nearly $65,000 a year to attend Harvard University. For $65,000, one would expect nothing but a rigorous schedule that will prepare these young adults for the real world, an academic load that cannot be questioned. Or maybe it costs so much because there is a whole lot of ridiculous programming that needs to be paid for.

Case in point? Sex Week. Harvard bills it as "A series of discussions and panels will explore everything from consent to sex toys and sexually transmitted infections as part of the College's seventh annual Sex Week."

Events include "Protection Methods: Condoms, IUD's, The Pill, Oh My!" and "If I Have Sex, Will I Get Pregnant and Die?" "Beyond the Hub: Broadening Your Porn Horizons," "Unleashed: Kink 101," and Tuesday's workshop, "What What in the Butt: Anal 101" which was all about, unsurprisingly, "putting things in your butt." Oh, good. College Fix reported that about 50 students attended and learned about relaxation techniques, checked out butt plugs, and got advice like “Remember it’s all about practice, practice, practice,” from Natasha, a presenter who owns a local adult shop. 

College Fix reported that Natasha told the crowd “not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas.” Apparently she hasn't taken Biology 101. She added “the butthole is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a butthole.” And everyone, if they're honest, is super into it. “There are two types of people in this world: people who watch anal porn and dirty fucking liars." Guess whose fault it is that everybody isn't doing "butt stuff?" Conservatives and Christians, according to Natasha. 

“You couldn’t be fucked in the ass in Texas until about 10 minutes ago,” she said. She also denounced the “stupidity of abstinence," saying that “it doesn’t make any fucking sense” and that “the population of priests and nuns are declining.” As though only priests and nuns choose not to have sex outside of marriage. As though only priests and nuns are religious. It is no surprise that academia has contempt for conservatives and people of faith, and events like this only drive that point home, at the bargain price of $65,000 a year.